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We support racing but few of our kids get into that.  There are races around northern Vermont virtually every weekend for those who want to compete.  To race elsewhere kids have to join NENSA which is the New England umbrella organization (click here for details).

Please have your kids remember to bring their water bottles.  We have a new rack where they can leave them.

Snack -We have plenty of openings for snack signup. You can do this online, simply edit this link to add your name.  Please be careful not to delete anything!  
Snack signup
For adults who are attending, here are some minor words of instruction:  I am trying to get your names on the group board.  Please put it with the group you would like to ski with .  Out ability groups (especially intermediate and advanced) are quite large and on some days it will be best to split the kids into smaller groups. We have enough adults to put at least two with any group - one of the adults should serve as "sweeper" (keep track of kids in the rear). When you arrive, please look over any printed instructions which will help give you an idea of what to expect that day. 
Water Bottles - Finally, a lot of the kids have taken their water bottles home; please make sure that they are bringing the bottles to the sessions as we otherwise waste a lot of cups and end up with a mess.  At the end of the day, kids should dump out their bottles and we put them back in the storage box.  


Bill Koch membership is $10 per child, ($5 if parents are MSTF members).  Season rentals for children are about $25 depending on what they get.


Tuesday afternoon as soon as we can get moving after school, generally about 3:45 p.m.  The Newport City after-school group starts earlier around 2:45, so any others are welcome to come then as well. We go until 5:00 p.m. and we will start the first Tuesday in January if snow permits.


We meet at the lower field of the Primeau trail section at: 3892 Darling Hill Road (please click to see map).  There is a plowed parking lot down into the field.


The Memphremagog Bill Koch Ski Club is all about kids having fun on skis!  There are Bill Koch clubs all over the country (Bill Koch remains the only American to have medaled in Nordic, he lives in southern Vermont).  We allow kids of virtually any age, but if your child is under 6 years old, you or a designated friend needs to be there to help them.  Lots of adults enjoy skiing with us also, you are invited! 

3/13/2018 Bill Koch is on unless Newport school has early release.

Snack Signup (just click here to sign up)


Contact Bob Primeau at, 802.334.1357