It's Mud Season....MSTF trails are open for walking, but try to avoid this when it is especially wet and soft.

Please do not ride bicycles on trails until the end of mud season --- this means leaves on trees.

Thank you!


Dogs are allowed on MSTF trails but inconsiderate dog owners are not .  Your "always friendly" pooch may not be seen as such by the 5 year-old they bound up to;  unless your dog never gets rambunctious or hostile to other dogs they should be on a leash.  Also take the time to kick any dog mess OFF the trails.

Please remember that the trails are on private property and we're very grateful to the land owners for letting us ski on them.

Winter Ski Trails...

Spring, Summer & Fall Bike Trails...

Groomed MSTF ski trails will appeal to cross country skiers of every level. They are perfect  for family fun or a speed trial against the clock.   The trails system has been expanded and new trails have been added.  The snow covered single tracks are also the perfect place for winter Fat Bike riding on Western Trails.

When the winter snow melts, the trails will be ready to welcome mountain bike riders who enjoy the meandering double tracks or the more challenging single tracks that wind through trees, over stumps and across narrow bridges.  Biking trails are currently available on the Western Trails.

SEASONAL fun on MSTF trails for the whole family

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